Where are you, me?

If my writing goal were one blog post per year I would be nailing it. Let’s pretend like it is. Woo, go me! Ok, so not really. Life has been pretty sucky the last year and a half (feel like throat punching everything all the time, cry, repeat). The internet did not need to read forty-eleven depressing blog posts about my life so I took a break.

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How I Got Over My Absurd Fear of Weird Smelling Hippies and Learned to Meditate

I’m trying to get back into the habit of regular meditation. If you hopped in a time machine and went back five years to tell me I’d be writing that sentence? Well, for one thing you’d be failing to use the time machine properly. You should be talking to explorers or suffragettes or something. Anyway, I wouldn’t have believed you about the meditation.

Meditation is a very recent addition to my life. When I was little anything that could conceivably be labelled “New Age” was frowned upon by my adults. Once I become an adult (or so I believed) and entered my nasty, snarky phase I mocked granola-eating, yoga practicing, compost making, ohm-ing weirdos.

Eventually I figured out that being the smartest person in the room does mean you’re an adult. It only means you’re extremely annoying. Granola is delicious. Composting is economical and super-beneficial for my garden. And meditation literally keeps me sane.

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My Life in 10… Songs

I’m pleased to report that the happiness project is progressing well.  I baked not one but two cakes from scratch for Mom’s birthday. I’ve also cleaned out and reorganized my entire bedroom. You should have seen the huge bags of stuff I got rid of. I have no idea how I ever crammed all that crap in there in the first place. But as much fun as I’m having with that project, I don’t want to get stuck writing about it. So we’re going to switch things up a bit with a slightly lazy exercise I like to call My Life in 10 _____.

I’ve done this before, though not on this blog. It’s an attempt to chart my life-defining moments, phases, or eras through random things like books, movies, restaurants, central Ohio attractions, etc. Sometimes the resulting list is complimentary. Often it is not. I do not have particularly good taste in…well, anything.

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Project Happiness

Today is officially the first day of Spring! It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter (doo doo doo doo) but the weather finally seems to be turning a corner. (At least it did before raining the entirety of yesterday.) The world is becoming a lighter, brighter place.

People are becoming lighter and brighter as well. Stores are rolling out racks of breezy, colorful fashions. Beauty magazines feature page after page of pale nail polish and sweet little braids. Foodies are ready to chuck winter’s stews for citrus fruit and tender spring veggies. Heck, my neighbor even rolled his Chevelle out of storage and waxed it. The season of new beginnings is most definitely upon us.

The change in seasons comes at a particularly appropriate time for me. I’m in serious need of a renewal. I’ve had some tough times these last few months. I’m sorry to say I haven’t coped very well. Though I managed to complete necessary tasks all my leisure time was spent huddled under a blanket on the couch. Literally all of it. I complained vociferously about any activity requiring me to get up and put on real pants.

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Greetings and Salutations

I suppose, this being my first post, I should cobble together some sort of introduction. I’m terrible at beginnings. Endings too come to think of it. I can write a killer middle, though. Oh dear. Four sentences in and I’m already off track.

Let’s try this again. Hi. I’m Aubrey, proprietress of this here blog. It’s called “Heart of Ohio” because I think that’s appropriately descriptive. I was born, raised, and still live smack dab in the middle of Ohio. I also love the friendly, down-to-earth, unexpectedly quirky Buckeye state. I’m a Midwesterner down to my casserole-baking, euchre-playing, food festival-going bones.

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